Bulletin board presentation theme

Bulletin board is an attractive presentation template  for Google Slides that simulates, as its very name indicates, a bulletin board.  You can find pins, post-its and even snapshots illustrations, graphics and icons hanging on the cork board. All of these elements result in a very original design.

This presentation template is composed of 13 slides, but you can easily add new ones and edit or delete what you don’t need. We have used up to 7 colors to achieve this dynamic color palette and named them:

Peach-Orange (#F9CB9C), Cream Brulee (#FFE599), Peppermint (#D9EAD3), Cinnabar (#E23B3B), Vanilla Ice (#F4CCCC), Pattens Blue (#CFE2F3), Oasis (#FFF2CC).

It is a multipurpose presentation template but we think it would nicely fit into academic environments where you need a jovial and casual theme. In the Bulletin board presentation template you can find many familiar elements (pins, post-its,etc.) so it will grab the attention of your audience.

Besides all of our habitual “resource partners” (Flaticon, Gratisography, and Google Fonts), we have got a cork texture from FreeImages. The fonts used in this presentation are: Yellowtail, Amatic sc and Impact.

Please feel free to use this presentation template in the way you prefer, but we don’t own all of the resources used to build this template. All resources and design elements are released under Creative Commons, so the credit slide must be kept in place so everyone recognizes the author of each element.  Let’s name them so they can go on creating all these fabulous designs!

If you liked how we put everything together, it would make us happy if you shared it so others can use our templates, as well! Follow us in Facebook and/or Google+.

We also wrote a How-To section to explain how to use this free presentation template: it’s as easy as adding your own content. If you have Google Mail you don’t need anything else to use them as they are designed with Google Slides in mind, but you also get the .ppt file to use if you would like to edit your slides in Power Point, Keynote and LibreOffice Impress.

Our Bulletin Board free presentation template is:

  • Fully editable. You can change any element in the presentation and adapt it to your needs.
  • Original look / Educational theme / Dynamic Palette
  • Examples of charts and graphs, maps and devices placeholders.
  • Many example slides (13 at least)
  • From Google Slides UI you can export, copy or download this free presentation template.

READ THIS FIRST! You don’t need to request special permissions to use this template. Just follow these steps.

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