About me

Hi! My name is Matt.  I’m a german graphic designer, programmer and sys admin that have learned a lot from everything the “internet community” altruistically has given. So, I think this small project is my easy way of giving thanks and trying to return some of what I got.

I will start releasing some Google Slides Templates that you can reuse the way you want, but remember to keep the credits because there are so many authors over there whose work needs to be recognized. I will try to make them visual but also ready to use in different niches. There are not too many at the moment but I hope this project grows over time.

My second purpose will be designing some icons packs, but…that I will see as it’s a little bit more time-consuming.

I hope you all enjoy my designs, that are built on top of resources that many of you give for free so the creating machine never stops.

  • WordPress Developer
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Senior PHP Developer
  • UX/UI Design








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