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In the “virtual space” an avatar is a character that represents an online user. Avatars are used in multiplayer gaming, online communities, messaging apps, forums, …They can be fictional or real representations of personas.

Avatars allow people to represent themselves the way they want. Some of us try to truly represent our actual selfs. Some others design these characters as an enhanced version of themselves, as alter-egos, so new characters are completely different than their actual personas.

We have chosen the first “application” of the avatar to create this presentation template. It could perfectly have been named “About Me”.

We have got the inspiration from the avatar concept to create this template. It could be used to present yourself in an original and different way. Choose your avatar and tell us things about your self. Your resumee, your working experience,…

Avatar is a simple, beautiful and editable template. It’s designed using a 4 colors palette:

  • Valentino (#3B313D)
  • Bossanova (#514454)
  • White (#FFFFFF)
  • Deep Pink (#FF2479)

This theme also include charts, device placeholders and icons.

Feel free to use this presentation theme. You dont have to ask for permission. It explained here. You just need a Google account, a browser and an internet in your computer.

As all resources used to design it are released under Creative Commons, the credits slide must be kept so the author of each element can get its attribution.

This presentation template wouldn’t be possible without:

Google Fonts (Quicksand and Anton)
Vectors by www.vecteezy.com

Our AVATAR free presentation template is:

  • Fully editable. You can change any element in the presentation and customize it the way you prefer
  • Geeky design / Any purpose
  • Examples of charts, graphs and devices placeholders.
  • More than 15 slides.
  • Compatible with Power Point, Google Slides, KeyNote, …
  • From Google Slides UI you can export, copy or download this free presentation template.

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READ THIS FIRST! You don’t need to request special permissions to use this template. Just follow these steps.

3 thoughts on “Avatar (or About Me) presentation template”

  1. I am having trouble opening this template, although many other ones I have tried on this site are working fine. Is there anything different about the settings for Avatar? Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much! Super excited to use this template for a presentation I’m working on 🙂 I appreciate all the great work that goes into this site.

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