Magazine  is a really cool presentation template with a modern look and feel. It mimics a magazine mockup and uses very  fresh graphics, fonts and icons and a 5 vivid colours palette : Gordons Green (#313732), Persian Green (#059D8E), Smalt Blue (#52656B), Nobel (#A2A2A2) and Persimmon (#F26101).

This presentation template is not aimed to fill that gap. Its purpose is not presenting any magazine design but to help you tell a story in a original and funny way. We thought it might be used to show pics of a travel to friends or … whatever you want.

This template is the result of mixing up many beautiful free resources that we collected from our favorite sites:

So feel free to use this template and share it with everyone but please always keep the credit slides were we tell the world who made possible to create this and other designs by altruistically releasing their work. Design are free but under the Creative Commons License that requires attribution.

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If you modify this template or give them a different sense of what we tell you here, we would be very happy to show it here!

Instructions on how to use this presentation template are detailed in the How-To section. No special software is required to use the Magazine template in Google Slides . Our presentation templates are also fully compatible with Microsoft Power Point and/or Osx Keynote.

Magazine free presentation template is:

  • Fully editable. You can change any element in the presentation and customized it the way you prefer
  • Magazine look and Feel
  • Examples of charts, graphs and devices placeholders.
  • More than 15 slides.
  • Compatible with Power Point, Google Slides, KeyNote, …
    From Google Slides UI you can export, copy or download this free presentation template.

READ THIS FIRST! You don’t need to request special permissions to use this template. Just follow these steps.

This post is also available in: Spanish French German

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  1. This is a VERY cool and interesting template! I wish I had a presentation that would fit this beautiful template.

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